Themed Parties Comprising Disco, DJ & Photo Booth

"Unlock the ultimate event experience with my DJ expertise! The secret to unforgettable weddings, birthday bashes, and corporate soirées lies in crafting a meticulously planned and flawlessly executed theme. Immerse your guests in the excitement and watch the party come alive! Opt for optional but epic costume participation to elevate the thrill.

I bring the party to life with themed music that sets the vibe, dazzling lighting, a dynamic photo booth, eye-catching backdrop banners, interactive props, a curated online gallery, bespoke photo templates, a branded DJ desk front, custom-designed props, digital stickers, and much more. Elevate your event with a symphony of sensations and create memories that resonate for a lifetime!"

"Experience the Pinnacle of Photo Entertainment!

🌟 State-of-the-Art Sapphire Glass Ring Roamer Photo Booth - Unleashed and Unplugged! Battery-Powered, Fully Wireless, with its 5G Internet Connection & Wi-Fi. Say goodbye to messy cables and hello to ultimate mobility!

🎉 High-Quality Themed Backdrop Banner 
🎭 High-Quality Themed Props 
🖼️ Dedicated Online Gallery Per Event 
🚀 Immediate Access to Share and Download Photos/Videos Captured 
🌈 Custom-Designed Photo Template(s) 
🎶 Themed Music/Playlist 
💃 Themed Dancefloor Lighting and Uplighting

But wait, there's more! Feast your eyes on some of the hottest themed parties I've rocked recently, those already in the pipeline for the coming months, and a sneak peek into the next wave of epic themes I'm gearing up to introduce:"

hottest themed parties I've rocked recently PLUS THOSE IN THE PIPELINE…

Glamorous Gold & Ebony Bliss: A Birthday Extravaganza!

Black & Gold Balloons

Welcome to Your Black and Gold Extravaganza – a celebration where elegance meets sophistication for a golden milestone! Tonight, we're turning the ordinary into the extraordinary with the timeless allure of black and gold. Picture an opulent scene with lavish black and gold decorations, a sea of dazzling gold balloons lifting spirits to new heights.

As we toast to your special day, let the golden hues symbolize not just time passing, but the richness of memories and the promise of a brilliant future. Dress in refined black with a touch of gold for a night mirroring the sophistication of a black-tie affair. Join us for an evening where every detail sparkles, laughter resonates against an elegant backdrop, and the memories created are as timeless as the colour palette itself. Don your finest black and gold ensemble and welcome to the extraordinary Black and Gold Extravaganza!

Featuring an 8ft x 8ft Happy Birthday themed backdrop banner. big gold balloons printed on a black background for the perfect luxury feel to your special birthday.

Back to the 80s: Neon Nights and Retro Delights!

Break out the neon, tease up that hair, and get ready for a totally awesome trip back in time! Step into the world of shoulder pads and synthesizers as we transport you to the iconic 80s era. Whether you're channelling Madonna, rocking the Michael Jackson glove, or unleashing your inner Marty McFly, embrace the tubular decade.

The dance floor will pulse with New Wave, pop, and hair metal, promising a non-stop throwback party. Get ready to breakdance, moonwalk, and dance like it's the last night of the decade. Don't forget your Walkman – we've got a righteous playlist to keep you dancing until sunrise.

So, put on your acid-washed jeans, lace up those high-tops, and join us for a night of nostalgia, outrageous fashion, and plenty of hairspray. It's time to get footloose and party like it's 1989 at your very own 80s Bash!

Featuring an 8ft x 6ft 80s themed photo booth backdrop, 80s themed digital stickers & a range of 80s themed inflatable props. 80s themed movie/tv show soundtracks for the start of the night, 80s disco and rock classics for the remainder of the evening and 80s themed lighting.

If you are having fancy dress as an option, there can also be an option to include a range of tracks that correlate with guests costumes. Each guest can be called forward and the song that matches their costume played e.g. Freddie Mercury - A Queen song, Cher - A Cher song, A Baywatch lifeguard - The Baywatch theme etc.

Star-Studded Soiree: Hollywood Movie Night Extravaganza!

Lights, camera, action! Step into the allure of the silver screen at your Hollywood Premiere Extravaganza! Roll out the red carpet and celebrate the magic of Hollywood in style. With a blockbuster soundtrack and a dance floor fit for a Hollywood sensation, expect glimmering lights and iconic symbols creating an ambiance capturing Tinseltown's essence.

Prepare for a night of unforgettable glitz and glamour as we bring Hollywood to life. The stars will shine, champagne will flow, and memories at your Hollywood Premiere Extravaganza will be nothing short of cinematic perfection. Get ready to walk the red carpet and bask in the glow of Hollywood's finest – it's showtime!

Featuring a 10ft x 7ft Hollywood themed photo booth backdrop, movie themed digital stickers & physical props, movie themed music for the start of the night, general party music for the remainder of the night and Hollywood themed lighting.

Gatsby Gala: A Roaring 20s Affair

Happy Birthday

Step into the glitz of the Roaring Twenties! Don your finest flapper fringe and dapper suits as we transport you back to the era of the Great Gatsby. Imagine the sweet sounds of jazz, clinking glasses, and laughter amidst the decadence. It's not just a party; it's a journey back in time. Get ready to revel in the splendour of your own Gatsby Gala, where champagne flows, music swings, and memories are as timeless as the era itself. Welcome to the extravagance – welcome to the Gatsby experience!

Featuring a 10ft x 8ft Gatsby themed photo booth backdrop, Gatsby themed Photo templates, Gatsby themed digital stickers & Gatsby themed props, Electro-swing music for start of the night, general party music for the remainder of the night and Gatsby themed lighting.

Groovy Nights: A 70s Spectacular!

Gold Glitter Sequin

Step into the groovy era of bell bottoms, disco balls, and funky beats at Your Funktastic Disco Fever Party! Dust off your platforms, unleash your inner disco diva, and let the good times roll as we transport you to the heart of the disco era. Join us under dazzling disco lights, strutting on the dance floor like it's Studio 54. Whether you're a Saturday Night Fever sensation or just rocking retro threads, it's your chance to relive the glory days of polyester, afros, and soulful grooves. Grab your boogie shoes, practice your best hustle, and get ready for a night of far-out fun, funky beats, and unforgettable moments at your own 70s extravaganza! Can you dig it? See you on the dance floor!

Back to the 90s Bash: A Nostalgic Celebration of Beats, Fashion, and Fun!

Get ready for a blast from the past at your own Ultimate 90s Throwback! We're transporting you to a time of slap bracelets, dial-up internet, and boy bands. The venue transforms into a nostalgic haven with grunge vibes, neon colors, and the unmistakable beats of 90s chart-toppers. Get ready to relive the era of Tamagotchis and butterfly clips, as we groove to the best of 90s pop, hip-hop, and alternative hits. So, dust off those denim overalls, break out the scrunchies, and join us for a rad night at your Ultimate 90s Throwback – where memories are as epic as the era itself!

We Love The The 90s themed photo booth backdrop, 90s themed digital stickers & props, 90s themed movie/tv show soundtracks for the start of the night, 90s house/disco/trance/eurodance and rock classics for the remainder of the evening and 90s themed lighting.

the next wave of epic themes I'm gearing up to introduce…