About Me


Over the years I often get asked "Why Ricky Gold? Is Gold your last name?" "No, it's not" I always reply. It's my stage name.

When I was at uni (probably around 1998), I went on a long bus trip with friends and I was playing one of my mixtapes on an old ghettoblaster at the back of the bus (any excuse to air my mixes!) One of my friends said "We need to think of a DJ name for you". As "DJ Quicksilver - Free" was playing at the time, he suggested "what about DJ Ricksilver". I immediately chirped in with "Gold is better than Silver" and that was that. DJ Ricky Gold was born and it's stuck ever since. Simples!


I started DJing back in the mid 90’s when I discovered dance music. I think it was around 1994/95 and one of my friends lent me a mixtape by a well known Northern Ireland Club DJ - Daryl. I hadn't heard music like that before with all the tracks all seamlessly mixed together. I started listening to a local radio station that broadcasted this type of music on a Saturday night and this was the beginning of my deep passion for music collecting and DJing.


Over the years I have held numerous residencies and made countless guest appearances in bars and nightclubs starting in my home town Bangor in Northern Ireland and then onto Scottsdale, Phoenix and later, Las Vegas, Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch. In addition I have also DJ’d hundreds of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events & Xmas parties. This broad experience has helped me hugely - allowing me to mix across the bpms, genres and decades with ease and confidence.


My mixing style is club style / Kisstory style. I like to ride the bpm, keys, genres and decades layering 2 or more songs with smooth transitions, maximising the elements of each song to create harmonious in-key mixes in one continual mix. I also like to layer acapellas over other songs, cut up tracks and tease my audience by dropping in samples of the upcoming track before they are played.

Checkout my sample mixes to hear me in action.


I have a strong bar / club background so club style mixing is one of my specialities. I have DJ's just about every genre in the past on both vinyl and modern digital formats. If you love 80s Disco, 90s House, 90s Euro Dance, 00s Garage, Old Skool Hip Hop, 00s Hip Hop, 00s & 10s Electro House, Ibiza Classics, Club Classics, EDM, Drum & Bass - even Old Skool Rave, Euro Techno and Happy Hardcore and beyond - these are all genres and music styles that I have specialised in (plus others).


I have a strong educational and working background in all things IT. In the past I have held a wide range of positions including Graphic Designer and Website Developer. This has helped me significantly with all areas of my DJing from building and maintaining my own website, designing my own graphics, editing my own videos and more. I also use my programming knowledge to script many laborious music related chores like filing and consistent naming of tracks etc.


I have built up an array of modular sound and lighting setups that I can customise to match any theme, room layout or size. If a themed party is of interest to you, please get in touch and share it with me. When booking me, please let me know if there are any disco setups that you have seen in photos that you would like me to consider when designing a disco setup for your event.

I have a range of different LED effect lights and moving heads which can project colour and gobo projections all around the room and be themed. In addition I also have a range of wireless battery powered uplighting that can also be configured to bring your venue to life and with your choice of colour(s).

DJ Quicksilver vs DJ Ricksilver

While living in Scottsdale, Phoenix back in 2002, I soon got known for my passion of DJing and was booked to DJ parties all over town including Pool parties like you see in the movies!

Me DJing a house party on vinyl in Scottsdale, Phoenix back in 2002. I had so much fun at this party that I moved in the next day and the guy beside me that booked me (Randy) and I have been best friends ever since.

Me DJing Hip Hop on vinyl in a bar called Magnums in Scottsdale, Phoenix, where I used to live in the early 2000s when Hip Hop was at it's peak. Notice the laptop on my left. Even back then I had already realised how powerful laptop DJing was and was supplementing my vinyl collection with the odd hard to find track on mp3 or CD.

Me DJing in a Bar / Lounge in Las Vegas. This was an annual gig for 4 years in a row when I was attending EDC Las Vegas with friends.

Me DJing St Patrick's Day at Soho, Christchurch back in 2013.

Djing 2 x 2 hour sets at the Bournemouth 7s Festival May, 2019