About Me

Stage Name: DJ Ricky Gold

Where It All Started:

In the late '90s, during a bus trip with friends, "DJ Ricksilver" was suggested for my stage name. I countered with "Gold is better than Silver," and DJ Ricky Gold was born. Since then, it has become my signature name.

My Journey:

My DJ journey started in the mid-'90s when I discovered dance music. Fueled by a mixtape from a Northern Ireland Club DJ, I developed a deep passion for music collecting and DJing.

My Experience:

Having DJed across Northern Ireland, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch, I've played in clubs and diverse events, including weddings, birthdays, and corporate functions. This extensive experience allows me to seamlessly mix across genres and decades.

My Mixing Style:

My club-style mixing, inspired by Kisstory, involves riding the bpm, keys, genres, and decades with smooth transitions. I love layering acapellas, cutting tracks, and teasing the audience with upcoming samples.

My Specialties:

With a background in clubs, I specialise in diverse genres—80s Disco & Rock, 90s House / Trance / Happy Hardcore, 00s Hip Hop / R&B & Garage, and more + I also keep up with all the current trends in EDM music, hot mashups, bootlegs and remixes. From vinyl to digital, my versatility spans EDM, Drum & Bass, Old Skool Rave, Euro Techno, Euro Trance, Happy Hardcore, and beyond.


With a strong IT background, I bring skills from graphic design and website development to enhance my DJing. From maintaining my website to designing graphics and editing videos, this background adds a unique dimension to my work.


My modular sound and lighting setups are customisable to any theme or venue layout. With LED effect lights, moving heads, and wireless uplighting, I create immersive experiences tailored to each event. Whether it's themed parties or disco setups, I bring a dynamic and visually engaging atmosphere.

Checkout my sample mixes to hear me in action.

DJ Quicksilver vs DJ Ricksilver

While living in Scottsdale, Phoenix back in 2002, I soon got known for my passion of DJing and was booked to DJ parties all over town including Pool parties like you see in the movies!

Me DJing a house party on vinyl in Scottsdale, Phoenix back in 2002. I had so much fun at this party that I moved in the next day and the guy beside me that booked me (Randy) and I have been best friends ever since.

Me DJing Hip Hop on vinyl in a bar called Magnums in Scottsdale, Phoenix, where I used to live in the early 2000s when Hip Hop was at it's peak. Notice the laptop on my left. Even back then I had already realised how powerful laptop DJing was and was supplementing my vinyl collection with the odd hard to find track on mp3 or CD.

Me DJing in a Bar / Lounge in Las Vegas. This was an annual gig for 4 years in a row when I was attending EDC Las Vegas with friends.

Me DJing St Patrick's Day at Soho, Christchurch back in 2013.

Djing 2 x 2 hour sets at the Bournemouth 7s Festival May, 2019